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The Dot Spot: "I'm falling in love with an escort"

27 November 2013

The Dot SpotDear Dot

I'm falling in love with an escort. I've been to other escorts before and have walked away with no strings attached. I visited this one at the end of May and thought that it would be exactly the same as the rest, flog the cash, do the deed and go home with a smile on my face but I walked away with more than that.

I started to get to know her a little and was blown away not by the service but by the person she is. I want to build a relationship with her on a personal level where we can actually start dating and be like a real couple.

I know they live 2 separate lives — the person they are at work for clients and the other as their own. I think that escorts are just like any other girl who still seeks and looks for the right guy and love, to marry and have children so why would I treat them any differently, the only thing that is different is what they do for a living.

1) What I want to know is it possible for me as a client to move from the client stage to a more personal one so we can consider dating and have a normal relationship and how can I do this?

2) How can you tell if she is being real or the fake person that she pretends to be?

3) Do you think escorts also seek the normal relationship scenario?

4) Whats the real reason why girls become escorts:

- is it for the money?
- for the sex?
- or that they don't have any other option?

Leave your comment here:


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